Present day site of Tchichatala De Crenay 1733, The Territory Between the Chattahoochee and Mississippi Rivers Woodcut Bust of a Chickasaw Warrior by Bernard Romans
The Chickasaw Villages Dating the Chickasaw Beads Chickasaw Villages Defined by Bead Dating



The Chickasaw Village Sources

The Village Location Keys

Remaining Village Locations

The Decades and the Villages


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Current Village Locations


Remaining Village Locations

There are many village locations that were not identified in the 1980 paper. It is the intention of these three papers to locate as many of the villages as historic documents and dated glass beads/artifacts permit. These village locations will be dealt with in this and following papers, as evidence mounts.

Shown below is an open book - "A History of the American Indians" by James Adair. The text is an original, which allows the reader to experience Adair as he published the work. Note the open text addresses the Chickasaw Nation. Adair lived twice with the Chickasaw tribe and understood their villages and their locations.

Click on the book and a new browser window will open with a larger version for reading.

An Account of the Chikkasah Nation