Present day site of Tchichatala De Crenay 1733, The Territory Between the Chattahoochee and Mississippi Rivers Woodcut Bust of a Chickasaw Warrior by Bernard Romans
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Figure 1 Adair 1720 Villages Interpretive Map

Figure 2 1832 Chickasaw Cession Surveyors' Notes- Old Fields and Prairies

Figure 3 1832 Chickasaw Cession Surveyors' Notes- Roads

Figure 4 1832 Chickasaw Cession Surveyors' Notes-Swamps

Figure 5 Chickasaw Villages 1690-1710 Interpretive Map

Figure 6 De Crenay 1733, "The Territory Between the Chattahoochee and Mississippi
               Rivers" (Swanton BAE 73 Plate 5)

Figure 7 De Crenay 1733 Interpretive Map

Figure 8 De Batz 1737 "Plan and Situation of the Chickasaw Villages" (MPA IV 155)

Figure 9 De Batz 1737 Interpretive Map

Figure 10 Old Town 1740-1772 Interpretive Map

Figure 11 Purcell Map, part of circa 1770, "British Indian Trade"
                (Swanton BAE 73 Plate 7)

Figure 12 Collot Map, "The Chickasaw Country 1796-1800" (Swanton BAE 73 Plate 10)

Figure 13 Chickasaw Villages 1772-1800 Interpretive Map

Figure 14 Old Town Interpretive Map

Table 1 Chickasaw Village Name/Area Associations (Cook Table 1)